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Types of Interactive Web Design Elements

As a business owner, you will strive on virtually every marketing platform to get your clients’ attention with quality customer care. In most instances, this means having a positive interaction with them at every turn. Though most interactions nowadays happen online, this has proven to be quite a challenge and, to some businesses, impossible. Thankfully, there is a way to interact with clients on your online platforms positively. This answer lies in interactive web design .

Interactive website design by a digital marketing company in Las Vegas integrates software into your web page to guarantee a positive and relevant customer experience. It is the difference between starting a conversation and talking at someone. Nobody likes being talked at, and this will only leave clients feeling like simple elements to your profit-making. Interactive features will help you start up a conversation and connect with clients so they can connect with your brand. The following are the elements that make a part of interactive web design.



These make the simple options for drawing your customers’ eyes toward content and creating visual interest. Animations also make your landing pages unique that will capture clients’ attention. When using animations, you should select what web design features you want to animate, what animations to use and when the animations should be triggered. While there are multiple possibilities with animations, be careful not to go overboard. This will only leave your design looking jumbled and confusing and will slow the speed of loading your pages.


These are an essential part of all website designs. Most people, however, only include a simple button on their pages that gets lost in all the other design elements. Having a hover or an animation around the button will help people know that the button on your page is clickable. This increases the odds of people clicking on the button and generates some interest on your webpages.


website designing

These were once the most interactive elements in web design. But nowadays, the conversion rate of forms on websites is 3%–7%. This drop has been mainly attributed to common mistakes like including too many fields on the forms and asking confusing questions. To guarantee your form contributes to your interactive design, keep off very personal questions, include only the required fields, and present clear answering instructions. You can have interactive elements like animations and scroll buttons to get people interested in filling the form.


These are currently the highest engaging web design elements. They naturally capture a customer’s attention and are easily relatable. Research has also shown that clients will remember at least 90% of the message you convey in videos compared to only 10% of what they read. Having an automatic video might look like the best idea, but it can be unpleasant for some users. Include an unmute button to give users a choice of watching the video.

Interactive web design with the above elements seems straightforward. Even so, when not handled professionally, they will negatively impact user experience on your website. The ideal interactive features for your website will also be chosen according to your company’s goals and web design type.

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