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Gum Diseases, Diabetes, and their Two-Way Connection

Teeth ModelDiabetes and gum diseases are usually viewed as a one-way street. While it is true that diabetes can cause gum problems, do you know that gum problems can worsen, or even trigger, diabetes?

Here, explore diabetes and gum diseases as a two-way street.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes occurs when the body’s ability to use insulin is impaired. Insulin transports sugar from your bloodstream to your cells to be used as energy. Without insulin, glucose stays in your blood, untapped for energy. This would increase your blood sugar, which results in diabetes signs and symptoms.

How Can Diabetes Cause Gum Diseases?

One effect of high glucose level in the bloodstream is that it makes the blood vessels narrow. This makes it hard for the germ-fighting white blood cells to reach sites of infection, including your gums.

Can Gum Disease Cause Diabetes?

Experts are beginning to unravel the two-way link between diabetes and gum diseases. A gripping study published in The New York Times revealed that people with chronic gum diseases are nearly twice as likely to suffer from diabetes in a period of 20 years.

How Can Gum Disease Trigger Diabetes?

During a prolonged infection, the body releases inflammatory substances to fight against it. Some of these substances have properties that buffer the effects of insulin. As the infection continues, the sugar level in the blood increases, which triggers diabetes.

How Can I Prevent Gum Diseases?

There are many simple ways to prevent gum diseases. Good oral care remains the best way in keeping gum diseases at bay. Dentists in Sioux Falls, SD, can also detect the presence of any infection, and so paying your dentist a visit helps fight against diabetes.

One disease will always lead to another, if left untreated. By taking care of your gums, you are taking care not just of your dental health, but your overall wellness as well.

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