Think Like a Burglar: What They Look for in their Targets

burglarA lot of people rarely take the time to learn about how burglars choose their targets. It’s actually important to understand how the minds of these criminals work. By thinking like them, determine how they choose their targets and safeguard your home.

They look for unsecured entry points.

Doors and windows are easy to bypass. By just wrapping a hand with a cloth, the sound of breaking glass can be reduced. You won’t hear it if you’re sleeping.

Secure these parts of the house not only by making sure they are locked at night, but also by installing door and window sensors and home security systems. Salt Lake City police records show that property crime is common in the city, so do what you can to keep your house safe.

They look for unoccupied properties.

Many burglars scout their targets first. They do this by monitoring the patterns of the residents. For example, if you tend to park your car outside, they’re going to notice when it’s no longer there, and think that nobody is home.

Even if you are away on vacation, arrange for someone to collect the newspapers on your front lawn. You may also put your subscription on hold until you return. Thieves also check if the mailbox is full of letters, packages, and flyers.

Your unkempt lawn is another sign. Be part of the neighborhood watch and ask another member to look after your property while you’re away.

They search for hiding places.

Overgrown weeds and shrubbery provide burglars with plenty of hiding places. Coupled with insufficient lighting, your home becomes an easy target for these criminals.Install outdoor lighting and emphasize your home security devices to deter them.

These are just three of the things that burglars look for when choosing their targets. Do what you can to protect your home—and help others protect theirs, too.

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