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Hardwood Beats All Other Window Frame Materials

Window FrameDo not choose the material for your new window haphazardly. You have to make a list of criteria and decide on whether the option fulfils them or not. For instance, if the main criterion is insulation, then wooden frames trump all other building materials. Wood has other positive qualities, which makes it a great candidate for your new windows. While you are considering this option, here are a few recommendations.

Differentiating hardwoods and softwoods

Species of hardwood share a common trait in that they have four varieties of cells. Meanwhile, softwoods have two. This is the fundamental difference between them. The former is sourced from angiosperm trees, which produce seeds with a covering, while the latter comes from gymnosperm trees, which produce seeds with no covering. To differentiate further, hardwood trees are deciduous, which lose their leaves during the cold months, and softwoods are evergreens.

Species such as ash, sapele and oak are three of the most common types used for construction of window frames. They are generally denser and therefore sturdier than softwoods such as douglas fir and scots pine.

Windows made from hardwood offer adequate insulation and protection no matter where they are installed. While residential property owners prefer hardwood species for their unique charm and beauty, those in the commercial and industrial sectors count on their durability.

The most highly recommended wood species

Joinery For All Seasons mentions that the right window materials will contribute to better kerb appeal of your home. When you are deciding on the species of tree for your hardwood windows, you will get different recommendations. But, most of the specialists you will consult will likely stake their reputation on oak. Oak is valued not only for its admirable grain, but also for its durability. Although there are more affordable alternatives with a similar grain, oak is worth the investment because of its endurance as a building material.

Do you want your new window frames to last? If you are after the ‘period’ look, choose a type of wood that fulfils the highest aesthetic requirements. But do not stop there. Go for denser, sturdier and more durable timber.


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