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Indoor/Outdoor Homes: Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Home Design in PerthPeople have become too engrossed in indoor spaces. Where do people eat? At their table, in a cosy part of the house. What is their source of entertainment? Their television sets and laptops, both of which need plugs. There are merits to humans being more indoor-sy than ever, but being stuck in a box is hardly living life.

Now, this is not to say that you should install your precious cinematic set in the porch or have your lunch under the scorching sun. It is more about finding a way for you to enjoy your historically natural habitat and that house you live in. Surely, architects have invented a way for people to enjoy things alfresco while remaining safe within the walls.

The Indoor/Outdoor Design

Yes, the indoor/outdoor house design will allow you to live your indoor life more naturally. It takes from the current, society-wide trend of open spaces. As this is about homes, architects can actually open the space up so that you can enjoy the freshness of the outdoors while remaining in your comfortable sofa.

Then, you will have to put some leafy installation around your formerly indoor-exclusive space. It complements the design, and provides a constant supply of fresh air. If there is any improvement you will want in your indoor/outdoor rebuild, it is the opportunity to eliminate recycled air and take in crisp oxygen.

Some Guidelines to Remember

Glass panel windows are a big no for indoor/outdoor spaces, which should be aluminium shutters. Its openings will bring in the crisp Perth air and keep the space open all the time. It is also important to buy weatherproof furniture, as they will be subject to climate normally reserved for the outside world.

As for accessories, buy stuff that are colourful or something you would normally hang in the yard. It creates a festive mood, as if you are always ready to go out and have a cookout in your house. There is only so much you can do to improve an indoor/outdoor space. So, you have to focus on creating the aura at some point in time.

Do not box yourself in, because there is so much to enjoy outside. Nevertheless, being inside is a necessity now, which makes an indoor/outdoor design a luxury. It is something everyone can afford, providing them the opportunity to live simpler and cleaner

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