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Healthy Ways on Detoxifying Your Body

Because of our lifestyle and exposure to so many harmful elements daily, our body takes in so much toxicity, and that only builds up over time. It affects your health in several ways that seep into your life, from getting physical symptoms to emotional effects that take a hit at your well-being and social life. Not only does it get in the way of your general obligations and responsibilities, but it can also give you unnecessary discomfort that you don’t have to live with. That’s what makes detoxification so important, especially if you’ve had a binger of alcohol or unhealthy oils (both of which are best to avoid anyway).

Detox doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, and it shouldn’t have to involve an even more problematic process for your system. So here are some healthy alternative ways to detoxify that are sure to work.

  • Get an IV infusion

There are tons of IV infusion therapy clinics throughout populated areas that have a plethora of different intravenous mixtures that cater to various health benefits and needs. It is essentially a healthier way to get the same effects of supplementary medicine without risking the side effects that often come from long-term pill usage. It also bypasses your digestive system and goes straight to your bloodstream, making it a more direct process that doesn’t lose any effectivity through digestion.

A particular type that is often used for detox is IV chelation since it goes into your system and binds all of the toxins to it (particularly those of metals we accumulate) and allows your body to expel it when you urinate. Though aside from this specific form of detoxification, there are also less intensive forms of IV therapy that simply give you immune boosters and vitamins to help your body weed out any toxic substances within more effectively.

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  • Do water cleanse

This form of alternative therapy is meant to detox your body. It gives your body a clean slate by clearing out your gut and promoting your body to break down and recycle old cells back to proper working order. Doing water cleanse entails consuming no other food or liquids except water for the duration of a specified period, though usually, the healthy way to do it is to start with 24-hour fasting. Of course, it’s essential to do this with care as your body will recalibrate itself from the shift in your intake.

Medical professionals recommend lessening your food portions before starting your fast so that your body gets to ease into it, and it is not advisable to go more than 72 hours on this cleanse. Afterward, don’t binge on food; start putting it back into your system slowly and in small portions. It cleanses your body out from within in a natural way and even helps you lose some excess pounds (though it shouldn’t be used as a diet).

  • Bust out some exercise

One of the best ways to get toxins out of your body is to sweat it out. Doing a burst of cardio and trying out some yoga or HIIT can help your body to regulate itself. It can remove any waste both by expelling it as you exercise, recalibrating your system, and improving your digestion. It also releases positive hormones in your body.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t do all of these methods at the same time, although they are useful and could benefit you greatly by being added to the schedule.

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