Christmas lights hanging in a tree on chrismas day

Why Do We Decorate Our Homes for the Holidays?

Why are holiday decorations so important for us, especially the kids? Why do we need to “suffer” through putting up the decorations in October and taking them down after New Year? What’s wrong with us? There’s nothing wrong with us or you. In fact, you’re exhibiting a positive attitude of hopefulness. If you are the type to take holiday decorations seriously, then that means you’re in touch with your inner child. And isn’t that a good sign that you’re happier than you thought you would be?

Many households even hire professional holiday light installation, so don’t worry about your obsession with holiday decor. Plenty of people enjoy them as much as you do. If you have children in the household, they’re especially a good reason you’ll want to have the best holiday decorations around the block.

Pathways to Excitement

Experts say that putting up holiday decorations is your way of reaching out to your childhood memories. Remember that as a child, you were stress-free and way too far from being the anxious person that you are right now? That’s exactly what these decorations evoke from you. The world has become too stressful, so people are likely to look for things that will evoke happiness. Christmas decorations have the power to remind you of the beautiful things you enjoyed when life was more carefree.

For many, putting up those Christmas decorations is a pathway to their personal past. It helps people understand their identities better. For example, you used to put up Christmas decorations with someone who recently passed away. Continuing the tradition allows you to reconnect with this person. You will feel more connected with your loved ones even though they are no longer with you now.

Being More Sociable

Research has plenty of positive things to say about people who decorate for Christmas, especially those who decorate early. It turns out that when you put up string lights and bright holiday décor outside your homes, it means that you’re more sociable. You become friendlier in the eyes of your neighbors. You also contribute to making your street merrier and happier, which is a welcome sight for children living near you.

Also, neighbors are more likely to invite you to holiday parties and gatherings when they see you decorate your house. You communicate to them that you are ready to integrate yourself into community activities and neighborhood social gatherings. Isn’t that an awesome way to spend the holidays?

Historical Context

Beautiful Christmas lights display.

But do you know that there could be a deeper meaning as to why Americans put up holiday decorations? After the return of service members from World War II, there’s a need to give them and their families a sense of hope and camaraderie. During the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in 1957, President Dwight Eisenhower said that the ceremony aims to bring families together. His words that people, for that one night, are gathered together and “united in the brotherhood of Christmas” is a powerful statement that many still remember to this day. It is in this spirit that many Americans put up string lights on their homes during Christmas.

So there is even a historical reason people put up string lights during Christmas. This connection to a period in American history shows camaraderie is alive in these traditional decorations. The next time you feel the need to decorate early, don’t think twice and start hanging those lights.

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