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Transforming Finished and Unfinished Basements Into More Comfy Spaces

Basements are an efficient solution to many home space and storage issues. The area is highly versatile and if it’s wide enough, you can use it as more than just a storage room.

If you see a potential in your basement, consult this guide to give yourself an idea on how you should remodel it, whether it’s a finished one or not. Unfinished basements can be transformed into a more livable space too, with the right furniture, fixture, and maintenance. Likewise, a finished basement can serve a new function, such as a gaming room, additional living room, and more. Professionals in basement finishing can be found in Utah and other states, so after making your choice, call them right away to start your remodeling project.

Here are some design ideas for your unfinished or finished basement.

Unfinished Basement

Moisture would be your biggest enemy in an unfinished basement. Before you start remodeling this space, make sure to eliminate the excess moisture first. If the problem is something that can be controlled, having a dehumidifier in your basement will be a solution. For severe moisture issues, you’d need a basement waterproofing strategy. Leaks and puddles in a basement can cause damage to various surfaces, so you need to get rid of them before utilizing the space.

After having solved the moisture problem, you’d now be ready to design the space. Lay area rugs on the concrete floor to make it more comfortable. They are visually appealing yet affordable, and you can save even more money if you opt for some of your unused area rugs. Include some pillows as well; preferably large ones for more snug comfort. Add some couches for more cozy sitting choices.

The naked light bulbs in your unfinished basement can look unsightly, but if you’re not yet willing to spend for construction services to conceal them, you can instead purchase some floor lamps or string lights to divert the attention away from the naked light bulbs. Good lighting sets the mood for your basement. Your unfinished basement will have an attractive, industrial-style theme with metal and glass pendant lighting fixtures.

Consider dividers to hide other unsightly elements like water heaters. Shelving units, wine crates, or window frames can serve as both decorative dividers and additional display and storage units for your basement.

Finished Basement

Basement renovation

You’re in better luck if your basement is finished. It adds value to your home, and it is more functional. The design ideas for finished basements are limitless.

For one, you can use it as a mancave. This amenity will be great for your family and guests. Install a full bar, TV, and a pool table to create the perfect mancave. If you have young children, you can add recreational elements like a built-in climbing wall to get them active in playing.

You can also turn your basement into a second living room. A monochromatic living room color scheme will be more refreshing and airy, even more so if you add a cafe-style fridge nearby, so you don’t have to go up to the kitchen to get yourself and your guests some drinks.

To make the space brighter, allow natural light in. Keep the furniture and color scheme neutral and relaxed to maintain the modern vibe. Your guests will have a great lounging area in a basement that is lit naturally.

If you’re longing to stay fit without gym membership expenses, convert your basement into a home gym. What’s good is that the entire basement doesn’t have to be just a gym, so you can use the remaining space however you want. As stated, the design ideas for a finished basement is limitless. It’s decidedly more functional and adaptable than an unfinished basement, which makes remodeling it more fun and exciting.

Your creativity will certainly be put to the test when you’re remodeling. Perhaps the unfinished one is more challenging, which is not so bad in sharpening your design and decorating skills.

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