installing internal aircon

Is Your Home Ready for Ducted AC Installation?

installing internal airconA window AC is adequate for single room cooling and a split AC is less noisy, more convenient to use and aesthetically appealing. It is the ducted air conditioning systems that win hands down, however, when it comes to cooling an entire home or a big building in a cost effective manner.

Yes, it is true that initially, says, the price of ducted air conditioning systems in Sydney and other cities is higher than that of the window or split ACs. But in the long run, it is the ducted AC that proves to be more cost effective.

In addition, the ducted AC is quiet, inconspicuous, easy to operate and maintain and exceptionally efficient. The only effort that you need to put in with the ducted AC is to prepare your house before installing the system.

Decide on the condenser location

Decide where you want to place the outdoor condenser unit of the system. Ideally, select a place that is-

  • Away from the bedrooms and your neighbour’s bedrooms.
  • Away from outdoor sitting areas.
  • Close to a switchboard.
Decide on the controller location

Next, decide on where you want the controller to be located in the house. Preferably, choose a room that is most frequently used such as the family room. Also, note that with the condenser and controller location the installation personnel will also want to suggest a place based on the efficient use of cable work and duct work.

Cover the furnishings

Finally, keep in mind that the installation of the ducted AC involves plenty of drilling works. This means that plaster dust will land all over the vicinity. So protect your furniture, furnishings and other valuables by placing dust covers on them. Remove the carpets and rugs if you can.

Take these small and simple measures before the installation personnel arrive and rest assured that the installation of the ducted AC will become a smoother and swifter process.

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