Google Search Engine Optimisation

What Makes the Good, the Great in SEO

Google Search Engine OptimisationWith most, if not all, businesses having gone online today, competition is extremely tough on the web. This makes hiring a good SEO company all the more important, because without effective optimization, a business website will be adrift in the ocean that is the Internet.

For business owners on the lookout for a good SEO firm, then read the following traits of the best SEO companies.

Employs the Latest Techniques

Remember, SEO techniques are dynamic and changing as search engine algorithms improve. This means that when you hire an SEO firm, you want one that is up-to-date with the latest SEO techniques so that optimisation becomes that much more effective.

SEO Companies are Professionals

SEO is an ongoing process – something that you must do constantly and consistently. Unless the SEO team you hire is professionally ethical, you will never get great results. Professionalism in an SEO company will make it easier to work with them and make the money spent worth it.


A good SEO company will understand the SEO needs of one business differ from others’, because each venture has goals of its own. They will be careful to customise their SEO strategies as per individual business needs.

Other Traits

A few other traits that make an SEO company good are:

  • Use of ethical SEO tactics, known as white hat or white label SEO;
  • Analysing and preparing reports regularly to check the performance of the website;
  • Making reliable and honest commitments with respect to results of SEO;
  • Transparency regarding the work they do;
  • Good communication with the client;
  • Consistency in showing good SEO results; and
  • Ability to deliver results within committed time limits.

SEO shapes up to be a driving force in digital marketing. With the increasing Internet penetration of societies around the world and the apparent monopoly of Google, SEO takes center stage for marketing businesses online. Good SEOs now also tap into social media, which is fast becoming a partner in the Internet marketing scene.

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