How to beat common denture problems and get back to enjoying life

Denture ProblemsIf, like many people who wear a denture, your false teeth have started to become loose, your quality and enjoyment of life is likely to suffer. We’ve all laughed at the videos of the unfortunate gran or grandpa whose teeth fly out as they blow out their birthday candles, and whilst many of these unintentional YouTube stars seem to take the mishap with good humour, inside they may feel quite differently. Loose dentures can seriously damage your confidence.

Dentures are one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth, and they’ve been used in one form or another for centuries. The modern versions are very realistic, both in terms of function and appearance, but the problem with traditional dentures is that they only replace the crowns of the teeth.

At PDC Dental Implants in Barnsley, a skilled team of implant dentists can use dental implants to replace the roots of the teeth. This can put an end to common denture problems, because these artificial roots hold artificial teeth – a denture, a bridge, or a crown – firmly in place.

Teeth have a complex anatomy, with roots that can be up to twice as long as the crowns. As well as their primary function of holding the teeth in the jaw bone via a supporting ligament, the tooth roots also play a vital part in ensuring the jaw bone remains healthy and strong.

If your dentures become loose, you may think the denture has changed, but in all likelihood your denture woes will actually be caused by resorbtion (shrinkage) of the jaw bone, which will happen when the tooth roots are not replaced. As well as making your teeth more likely to slip, affecting your diet, speech, and self-esteem, a shrinking jaw bone can make you look old before your time by changing the structure of your face.

Dental implants prevent this from happening, because they are made from titanium, which supports bone growth. A qualified implant dentist can use these bionic tooth roots to stabilise your dentures, ensuring they will never come loose again, enabling you eat your favourite foods, and get back to enjoying life.

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