Latest Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Note

Modern Kitchen in Fort WayneModern kitchen facilities and gadgets have made their way into the market, enticing homeowners to upgrade. Most homes have upgraded and updated kitchen spaces. The color palettes of the kitchen cabinets, the granite countertops, the floors, and even sensor-activated faucets and energy efficient lighting fixtures have been carefully planned and chosen – an overall new look of modernity.

But, the new trend in kitchen upgrade should not just be about the look and feel but about convenience and functionality as well.

Eco-Friendly Improvements

Green is in. Most manufacturers are focused on creating and supplying household materials with as little a carbon footprint as possible by using renewable, environmentally safe recycled products. These include easy-to-clean countertops, formaldehyde-free butcher blocks or kitchen islands that are made of bamboo, which is safe for food for preparations. Kitchen improvements should have a stylish look without compromising the health of the family and the environment.

Quartz over Granite Counter Tops

Although granite is the most popular choice for countertops, quartz is known to be tougher and easier to maintain . Unlike granite that needs annual sealing to avoid staining, quartz countertops can do without so much maintenance.

White and Bright Aesthetics

A lot of homeowners still prefer white kitchen cabinets. White is continually gaining popularity, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, citing that 67% of their members prefer white cabinets.

White may look cold during winter but cool during summers. By carefully mixing fixtures and tools of complimentary color, white can lend a fresh and clean look to the overall appearance of the kitchen space.

Multi-Functional Kitchen Spaces

Most homeowners are now adding a space where they not only install a working table for computers, but they include docking stations for mobile devices and other gadgets for multi-tasking, stay at home mothers.

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