How to Child-Proof Your Garage

Welcoming a baby into your home is a very joyous experience. But it’s also overwhelming at the same time. There are a lot of things you need to think about. Suddenly, the entire house is a mess because of all the baby equipment. Your cabinets are lacking storage space for diapers and baby formulas. But the most concerning of it all is how you’re going to ensure that your home is safe for your child.

Babies and toddlers are going to crawl and bump into things. They’re very curious, so the chances that they’ll put their fingers in electrical holes are high. Parents always make sure to babyproof their homes when welcoming their children. But one crucial place is neglected—the garage.

You might think that you’ve got all your doors to the garage locked, and there is no way for your child to access that room. But children can be very tricky. They will make their way into sticky situations without knowing it. You’ll never know when you might leave the doors leading to the garage opened. At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here’s how to child-proof your garage.


Chances are, your garage is filled with clutter. It’s where you store everything you don’t need around the house. There are all sorts of hazards in there, such as flammable chemicals, sharp tools, dangerous equipment, and more. Clutter makes it easy to trip, fall, and slip, especially for children who have not fully developed their locomotor skills just yet.

The first thing you should do is to declutter your garage and organize everything you’ve stored in there. Look for pallet racking suppliers to install storage racks in your garage. Organize everything by category and secure them inside boxes. Make sure that toxic or hazardous things are stored on the top racks and kept out of the reach of children. If possible, lock all the boxes containing these objects.


Check your garage door

The garage door may look harmless, but it’s actually the most common cause of serious injuries among children. This is especially true for automatic garage doors that open and close via a remote controller. Although most innovative ones have sensors that don’t close when something is blocking their paths, these sensors can malfunction over time if not maintained properly.

Make it a point to check on your garage door every now and then. Schedule an inspection and thoroughly check for any damage, dents, holes, etc. If you do, have them repaired immediately. Secure your garage doors at all times, and don’t leave them open so your child will not be inclined to play with it.

Keep the garage off limits

The garage is a particularly interesting place for your child. In their eyes, there are so many new toys in there to play with. But anything—even the tiniest object in a garage can be harmful to a young toddler. As much as possible, keep your garage off-limits. Make sure it’s not easy for your child to waltz in at any time. Lock all doors leading to the garage and encourage your children to stay away. Do this even if you’ll be accompanying them there. Keep your eyes off of them for one second, and you never know what could happen.

A garage is a dangerous place for young toddlers. But it’s also the most neglected room when it comes to baby-proofing the entire house. Take these tips and keep your garage safe for your child.

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