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How to Decorate a Small Flat for Your Family

Small flat units are no longer reserved for single people and couples. Given the rising estate prices, it’s getting more common for families to make do with a one- to two-bedroom unit. What seems impossible is manageable with a little effort and some clever condo interior design tricks. A little planning can go a long way when designing a home fit for a small family.

Make use of vertical decorating

Rather than taking up space on the ground, make use of your vertical space by stacking things up. Vertical decorating requires you to make use of your wall space as much as you can. Hooks, floating shelves, rods, and built-in furniture can give you lots of additional floor space while still keeping everything organised. Furthermore, whatever can be mounted should be mounted, which includes: TVs, kitchen knives, pots and pans, towels, bookshelves, desks, and more.

Discard or sell things you don’t need

Do an inventory of all the things you no longer need so you can either sell or discard them. This is a great way to reclaim space in your flat, while also making some extra cash on the side. You’ll have a much easier time keeping your unit organised and spacious once you pare down your belongings to the bare minimum. Keep only what you absolutely need or whatever makes you happy.

Change the layout of your furniture around

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If you’re welcoming your first child, there’s no need to immediately move to a new place just to make space for them. You can make do with what you have by simply rearranging the layout of your furniture. A one-bedroom flat can be turned into a two-bedroom unit when you make your living room do double duty as a bedroom. You can do this by moving your bed to the living room or buying a fold-out sofa bed. Meanwhile, your master bedroom can serve as a baby room for the time being.

Opt for multipurpose furniture

As mentioned, you can make space in your small unit by getting creative when it comes to furniture. Furniture can serve multiple functions if you use your imagination. There are also plenty of furniture pieces you can purchase that have multiple purposes. For example, besides fold-out sofa beds, you can also purchase seating cubes that can double as a coffee table and also have storage space underneath them or a table that folds out from the wall and can function as both a dining table and a desk.

Scale down your appliances

Some appliances might be bigger than you need it to be. Consider the size of your cooking range or your refrigerator. If you can replace these items with smaller ones, then you’ll have much more space to move around. You might also be able to save money on your energy bills. If you want, you can downsize your couch or bed to be more compact but still comfortable.

Living in a small flat with your family presents some challenges, but there are ways to make do with this situation and even be happy with it. These tips ensure that your living situation is still convenient and satisfying.

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