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How to Properly Maintain your Air Compressor

Air compressors are useful for both commercial and residential construction tasks and projects. These don’t usually come cheap, especially the ones with high quality, which is why you’d want to make sure that you are taking the proper measures when it comes to maintaining your air compressor.

If you are planning on visiting C&B Equipment soon to buy a high-quality air compressor, then listen up as today, we will give you a couple of things that you should follow to make sure that your air compressor will stay adequately maintained.

Pay Attention to the Manual

The air compressor comes with a manual for a reason, and you have to read it to make sure that you will be taking good care of your compressor. You do not have to read it word per word – you only have to read the most essential parts of it, such as how to keep it clean, what to do if ever it won’t turn on, etc.

The warranty is also usually discussed in the manual. If you want to make the most out of your warranty and you do not want to void it, then it would be best to consult the product’s manual about it.

Take a Look at the Hoses


The hoses are some of the most essential parts of your air compressor. If you find wear and tear on your hoses, then it would be best if you could have them repaired or, better yet, replace them as soon as possible. A leaky hose will reduce the effectiveness of your compressor, and worse, it can put a lot of pressure and strain on your machine, making it susceptible to damages.

Regularly check on your hoses so you can make sure that they are working properly and that they are not damaged.

Regularly Clean and Change the Filter

Just like with a damaged hose, having a dirty air compressor filter will put a lot of strain on your machine. If you want your compressor to work well, then consider checking on your filters regularly and cleaning them once they get dirty.

Additionally, you would not want the dirt to enter into your compressor, as this can easily damage the machine. You’d also want to change and replace your filter every six months or so, as it can get worn out and extremely dirty over time, even if you regularly check and clean it.

Keep it Moisture-Free

Moisture is the number one enemy of air compressors, so you’d want to make sure that you will always keep your compressor moisture-free. Drain the moisture from your tanks now and then, as it collects moisture every time it compresses the air.

Keeping your air compressor moisture-free is especially important if you live in an area with a humid climate, as the compressor will collect a lot more of the moisture even in a short time. To release the moisture, use the valve provided with the air compressor.

If you are hesitant when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your air compressor, then make sure to hire a professional to do it for you instead. Have it checked and repaired now and then so you can make the most out of your machine.

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