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Stay Safe When Snow Plowing This Winter Season

Grand Prairie lies in a serious Snowbelt, so the approach of winter calls for certain adjustments, including safety practices when using different machines. For businesses in the area, application of commercial snow plow for ice removal is part of their operations. Often, they get these services from environmental and landscaping contractors so that the main business doesn’t get disrupted.

If you own a commercial snow plow, it is important to insist on safety, as simple mistakes could lead you and others in trouble. Get it done effectively and safely by following these suggestions:

Plan Well in Advance

Before snowfall, you want to survey the area you are planning to plow so that the process can be both effective and safe. Note the obstacles such as fire hydrants, sidewalks, shrubs and sign posts. You may even go as far as sketching them on a sheet of paper because someone else may end up using the snow plow. An important part of this planning is the location of the snow pile. When choosing this site, consider things such as sidewalks, water drains, wind, property lines, and building entrances.

Choose Plowing Time

The moment snow lies on the ground for some time; it begins to be slippery as it ices up. For the safest plowing experience, it is best practice to tackle the snow as it falls. Even if you hate being in the snowfall, you might just need to do it because waiting may mean having to do a lot. If the snowfall is heavy, you can plan to plow it several times a day to avoid compact and deep sections.

Follow Expert Plowing Tips

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Experts in commercial snow plow in Grande Prairie have outlined several tips that can enhance safety. Regardless of the speed of the plow, it is important to be on the seat belt at all times. Invisible objects may appear suddenly and expose the driver to injury. When plowing close to a structure, it is advisable to push the snow away. If not possible, drive towards the building with the blade dropped, and then pull away with the snow. Another precaution is to look around, even if you have mirrors. This is especially crucial when plowing within the parking lot and such obstructions. Places to avoid piling the snow include electrical boxes, parking lots, water drains and mailboxes.

Observe These Requirements

When winter comes and you are planning to plow, make all the necessary arrangements as discussed, but remember to get in touch with an insurance agent. This is important regardless of the percentage of business income affected. Customers will also need to see certificates of insurance, so be prepared appropriately. Grande Prairie has plowing laws that you need to check, too. Because of all the hazards involved in this line of work, plow drivers may need to undergo proper training on safety and defensive driving.

Winter is a time to test patience for everyone, including snow plow drivers. Whatever the situation, it is important to uphold safety because there are so many hazards lurking around. With the above tips, you can do it better, faster, and more safely.

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