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Parenting 101: The Importance of Self-care

Glamor kits and makeup techniques are the last things in the minds of young mothers. If you are one, you need to take care of a lot of things. On top of your kids, you have to juggle your career, household chores, and your relationship with your partner.

Washington Post published an article stating a ridiculous idea that motherhood and martyrdom are synonyms. It also pointed out that this concept is not healthy for the mother and the children too. We must take care of ourselves to attend to our kids’ needs.

Most moms argue that they do not have the time to do that. You cannot even get a decent night’s sleep. In this case, here are a few tips to seamlessly incorporate self-care into your daily routine:


A few years ago, the Smithsonian shared the results of a study saying that new parents lose quality sleep up to six years. Their conclusion is hardly surprising because babies have strange sleeping patterns. But our parental responsibilities also lead to less satisfying sleep.

Experts cannot highlight enough the importance of sleep. It is essential in our ability to function efficiently. The lack of sleep leads to our inability to concentrate. It can also cause illness. Sadly, sleeping is one of those things that are easier said than done.

For parents of infants, you must catch up on your sleep while your babies sleep. This tip will give you that much-needed rest. The ability to sleep can become tricky if you have other kids in the household. In this case, it is wise to split responsibilities. Establishing a chore schedule will give you the chance to sleep.

Another tip is to ask for help. You can also set social graces aside. When someone visits you, do not feel obligated to play host. On the other hand, kindly ask them to watch over your baby while you take a nap. You will be astounded that people are more than willing to do this, especially grandparents.


We have mentioned that putting on makeup is the least of a new mother’s priorities. But this does not mean that we should neglect skincare altogether. On the contrary, we must be more careful about our skincare.

Please bear in mind that our skin is our first line of defense against infection. Keeping it healthy will prevent sickness. If this means that you immediately buy antu online, go ahead. Applying an ample amount of lotion is not narcissistic. On the contrary, it is essential.

Having healthy skin lessens the need for makeup. Once you are back in the workforce, it considerably shortens your time preparing for an online presentation. In this case, you can focus more on the content rather than your appearance. You only need to shower and some fresh clothes to look presentable during a meeting.


Most new mothers feel overwhelmed. It is natural because of the biochemical changes. The government even said that one out of nine mothers suffers from postpartum depression. But if you still feel this supposed baby blues, you should ask for professional help.

Once your doctor clears you for exercise, you should try yoga. It may reduce your anxieties brought about by the postpartum biochemical changes. It also shortens the recovery period and increases your energy level. But once you are back on your yoga mat, you should take things a little slower than usual. You might want to get these things before you start stretching:

  • Blankets – If you have a woolen blanket, this is a great time to use it. It will make postpartum yoga more comfortable.
  • Straps – You might now find it hard to keep your feet together. This piece of yoga equipment can help you in bringing them together.
  • Postpartum Yoga Clothes – Your yoga regimen should be straightforward if you have the right clothes on. They should not need constant readjustment.

If you have older kids, introducing yoga to them can have benefits. It will be easier for them to cope with anxiety, especially during this pandemic period. The World Health Organization has reported that adolescents have become increasingly depressed because of Covid-19. Doing yoga will help them manage their anxieties and stress.

Yoga can also teach your kids discipline. They are forced to empty their minds as they focus on their breathing. It also improves their concentration.

Self-care is essential in good parenting. Although it is easy to neglect ourselves in the processing of taking care of our children, it will teach them they do not have any worth. We should be good role models by letting them see that we value ourselves.

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