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Independent Living: The Best Way to Spend Your Golden Years

People who are entering their retirement years who don’t want to live on their own should consider moving to an independent living community. They provide superior services to that of standard residential or nursing homes.

Seniors who don’t want to live alone or those who feel they would like some extra support could move to a luxury retirement complex. In Utah County, there are independent living communities and housing estates specifically designed for seniors with added facilities. These include the following:

1. Swimming pool
2. Gym or fitness centers
3. Club or community hall
4. Tennis or golf courses
5. Restaurants

The Level of Care

As the name suggests, most independent living centers promote senior care in their own homes, and so most will only provide necessary assistance like lawn care and security. Residents can own or rent property but would also receive health and everyday assistance.

This type of home is better suited to seniors who only need minor assistance who can still care for themselves and complete household tasks on their own.

Assisted living apartments are another option for people who require more help. They are part of a facility that offers care tailored to the person’s needs, such as help with housekeeping or bathing. These apartments offer group dining options so that residents don’t have to cook. Often, dining areas are similar to restaurants or cafes to give residents the restaurant experience.

Memory Care

Memory care is another type of ‘semi-independent’ living for seniors with dementia. Buildings and outside courtyards are designed to help them navigate through the building. The décor is often ‘retro’ to comfort the patients and activities are designed to enhance memory. Signs or prompts are placed on the walls to remind residents where they are. They are encouraged to do things for themselves as much as they can, with supervision. On-site shops offer conveniences such as product assistance and shopping guidance to maintain normality.

Independent and assisted living centers could provide luxurious but comfortable homes for seniors with the right kind of assistance tailored to their needs.

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