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Your Primary Checklist for Purchasing Your First Laser Cutter

Now that you’ve decided that you should purchase your own laser cutter, it’s time to choose. There are now many vendors and models to choose from, and that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Here are guidelines that you can follow to help you efficiently pick “the one.”

Size and Weight

First off, make sure that the model of the machine you want will fit your workspace. Also, check if its size and structure can accommodate the kind of materials and objects that you want to work on. You can be a little lenient with size if you have a larger place to install your unit.


How strong do you need the laser to be? Would you need to actually cut heavy material, or do you just need to mark objects? Match the strength of the laser to what you intend to do as well as the material that you want to use it on. You can also decide to buy a weaker but sufficient unit and then upgrade it later when needed.

Speed and Workload

Consider how fast your production should be and how many pieces per batch are needed to complete your orders. Even though laser cutters are generally very fast, especially when compared to their mechanical counterparts, you still need to consider their production rate. Different machines have varying capacities, and you should match the amount of work to the capabilities of your equipment.

Special Considerations

Aftercare is very important when purchasing equipment. Experts from AP Lazer note that your laser marking machine supplier should be able to efficiently and punctually respond to you. You should also check if there are any specifications or add-ons available for your unit for possible upgrades. Thinking about these factors can let you avoid additional costs and pressure.

After making all these considerations, you can factor in cost, and have a budget to work with. However, it’s much better to spend a little more and get all you need than spend too little and shortchange yourself. Finally, keep in mind what’s best for your work when making your final selection.

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