Benefits of biking

Keep on Cycling: The Benefits of Biking

Benefits of bikingBrisbane is a great place for bike shops. It is a bike-friendly city, and this is a great thing. The city is criss-crossed with bike paths and bikeways to make it easy to get to and from schools and offices. There are also numerous shelters and parking specifically for bikes.

This is a big benefit for all cyclists, including those who bike for fun, and bike stores like The Yellow Jersey Bike Shop recognise this need. There are just so many benefits to cycling, some of which are as follows:

Physical Health

Anyone of any age can mount a bike and get going. Biking is a form of aerobic exercise. This means that your lungs and heart get a good workout, improving your circulation. This boosts your immune system, making you more resistant to physical injuries and disease. It builds muscle and helps strengthen your ligaments and bones because it is a low-impact activity.

Biking also burns calories, so it is a good alternative to other forms of exercise in your weight loss program. Because there is very little stress on the body, it is suitable for people of all ages and fitness level. It can help stave off the onset of diabetes and obesity, which are common in people who have sedentary lifestyles.

Mental Health

Biking keeps the blood moving, making it easier for the brain to get oxygen. This improves mental acuity. The physical activity also releases endorphins, which elevates mood and makes you feel happy and energetic. The fact that it is also a fun activity helps reduce stress and anxiety, so it is also a good way to spend your leisure time.

Environmental Health

The environment needs all the help it can get. Biking instead of riding a car to school or work is an excellent way to help the environment. Each person that chooses to use kinetic energy over fossil fuels helps reduce greenhouse gases.

As an added bonus, you do not have to spend a fortune in maintaining your bike. You can even choose to hire a bike if you are not sure that biking is for you. More likely than not, biking in Brisbane can become a way of life.

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