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Ready Your Food Pack for Emergencies

Canned foodsEmergencies can strike at any given moment. Accidents and diseases can come out of nowhere. Natural calamities like earthquakes can surprise you when you are just minding your everyday business. It is during these times when it pays to be ready, especially during natural disasters.

You may know some people who have everything ready for a natural calamity; you may laugh at them and think them ridiculous, but how much preparation you have is a matter of life and death. Your family’s lives all depend on whether you all know what to do when there is a natural disaster.

Better Ready than Sorry

To survive, you will need emergency supplies, one of the most crucial factor being food, My Food Storage notes. When there is a natural calamity, you will not find grocery stores open for you to shop in. You need to have your own food stored and safe.

So, how do you prepare your food storage kits? There are sellers out there and on the Internet who offer MREs (Meal Ready-to-Eat), freeze-dried meals, and dehydrated foods. You can buy packs from them if you want, but you can also prepare your own food storage kits. Here are some guidelines:

  • You should stock up on non-perishable foods that will last you for at least two weeks. Foods that don’t need to be cooked or prepared in any kind is good too.
  • Of course, choose foods that you will eat. There is no use for your food supply if you do not like that food in the first place.
  • If you have a condition that requires you to eat or avoid specific kinds of foods, then pack up according to your needs.
  • Pack up a manual can opener and disposable utensils.

To know which particular foods you can store, try Googling them and several sites will recommend you on what to pack. Then again, you can always buy a ready-made kit. However you want your supply to be packed, whether store-bought in one whole or packed by yourself, the most important thing is you have your emergency supply.

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