Long-Tail Engagement: Promoting a Valuable and Shareable Blog

Blog Posts in Perth One quality of an ineffective blog is having content with limited reach or a short shelf life. For your blog posts to be effective, they need to offer consistent value to consumers and reach as much as interested readers as possible.

This calls for producing more evergreen content and taking it easy on news-focused posts or those with a built-in expiration date. When it comes to influencing spread, however, you need to make it easy for readers to share your content. Here are some suggestions on battling a withering blog:

Content Curation

Other than posting content with long-lasting relevance, you can also use content curation techniques to give old posts a new life. It is a good idea to update posts, add information or link to newer sources. You can also add videos or infographic or add outside perspective on the topic. When republishing the post, don’t forget to acknowledge and provide a link to the original content.

Content Promotion

Digitise My Business and other SEO service providers in Perth suggest that spreading the word about your blog posts through social media and email marketing. If you have an e-newsletter, you can incorporate some of your content through headlines and teasers. Then, find out which posts have the most clicks. You can also use paid promotional techniques like search ads or promoted posts to extend content span.

Blog Status Update

Requesting comment and adding sharing buttons might help expand your blog’s reach, but don’t forget to have a blog status update. It is a good idea to send multiple updates at different times and on different days to maximise the likelihood of followers seeing and reading your posts. It is best, however, to use different headlines to avoid getting banned from sites like Twitter.

Content marketing success takes a lot of hard work, so it is just enough to create a post and hit publish. You have to work hard before, during and after content creation process to make sure that your post will bring you success. Services from writers and SEO experts can help you maintain an effective blog.

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