Why Air Conditioning Installation Affects Its Performance

Air Conditioning Installation in Salt Lake CityInvesting in an air conditioning unit that provides comfortable environment is every homeowner’s desire. However, purchasing an energy-efficient one is only half the process, you have to get it fixed by professional air conditioner installers in Salt Lake City.

Most people, unfortunately, think that purchasing the right AC is the only thing they need to keep their home cool and their energy costs down. But, poor installation can negatively affect your unit’s performance.

Some of the factors that can affect your AC’s performance during installation include:

The size of the unit

For your AC to perform as expected, it needs to be the right size. Before the buying process, an HVAC expert needs to perform a conclusive load calculation. This entails some measurements on the size of your home as well as anything related to its design. Foregoing this step can have adverse effects not only to your home but also to your energy costs.

Buying a too small unit can lead to energy inefficiency, system damage as well as inadequate cooling. On the other hand, a large system makes it hard to control the temperature and can have a huge impact on your pockets due to high energy bills. The tonnage of the air conditioning unit and the BTU output must match your home’s needs.

The connections made

While an air conditioning unit may seem like a simple device with an easy installation, this is far from the truth. Installing an AC unit involves various connections made in between the different components. Hiring an inexperienced installer can result in a poor connection that in turn will lead to an AC that doesn’t actually cool your home. You’ll also have to spend extra money to get it fixed by a professional.

Refrigerant levels

Refrigerant also known as Freon is a chemical designed to change the temperature under different pressure conditions. During the installation, the AC expert charges your unit with refrigerant to provide you with an optimal cooling performance.

If you’re thinking of investing in a new AC or replacing your old one, consult an expert who has dealt with AC installation in the past, This will help you choose the right size as well as get it fixed properly to get the best performance.

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