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Low-Flow Saving: Shower By the Gallon

The average American household uses a hundred gallons of water every day; a full quarter of that amount just for showers. Low-flow showerheads can lower your water usage by about 50-70% and any local plumbing service can install them easily.

plumbing service

But, some people are skeptical because low-flow shower heads work by limiting the pressure expelled during your shower. This results in less water flow, in which case people will simply take longer showers, nullifying any savings you might have had.

Do They Really Work?

Rest well in the fact that low-flow showers really do work, even if you take longer showers. A standard showerhead uses three to five gallons per minute. Taking the twenty-five gallon figures from earlier, the average shower time would be a minimum of five minutes.

A low-flow showerhead typically uses two gallons per minute or less. During a minimum five-minute shower, the low-flow head will use a total of ten gallons. If shower time is doubled to ten minutes, water usage will only amount to twenty gallons, saving you five gallons even if it took double the time.

You will also have less need for plumbing repairs as low-flow shower heads aren’t subject to the same water pressures as regular showerheads.

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