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Web Design Principles: Creating Better, Simpler Layouts

Many web designers believe that “simplicity is beauty,” especially when creating web design layouts. A website doesn’t have to use all the design elements. Minimalism is a classic trend and preferred by site owners, as it focuses more on the browsing experience than appearance.

web design

Here are some tips to help simplify your website:

1. Organized – Remove all the clutter and keep the important content. An “About Us” page can help you explain what your website is about, so you don’t need lengthy text on the homepage. A feed to your old or most popular posts is okay, but limit it to three. Remove ads if possible.

2. Preview – Good web design makes a landing page effective. Give visitors what they’re looking for by including previews of your products and services. They have a tendency to click the “Read More” part if they want more information. This way, you won’t overwhelm web pages with lots of details.

3. Navigation Links – Most visitors spend their time on the top-most part of a website. Include navigation links, leading to the home, about us, services, and contact pages to make browsing easier. A search bar is also highly advisable.

By implementing the principles of web design, visitors can navigate through your website easily. This way, they can find what they’re looking for and give your site a visitor count.

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