Metal Recycling: To You and the Environment’s Benefit

metal recycling
Metal surrounds you everywhere here in New Zealand. Metal is used for construction, plumbing, sports equipment, and many other areas and industries. With the amount of metal used by people, it is vital to practice metal recycling. Metal recycling benefits the environment in many ways, such as ore conservation or energy conservation.

The Real Winners of Recycling

Indirectly, people also benefit from metal recycling. Through it, you are able to continually use metals without fears of metal reserves running out. At the same time, there will be more energy for the future use since energy conservation is one of the benefits of metal recycling. With these benefits to humans, you can choose to help protect the environment through metal recycling.

Metal Hunt

You can give scrap metal that you have to companies in Auckland such as Metal Salvage Services Ltd. Some metallic materials, pieces, equipment are easy to spot. Nonetheless, to give you a basic guide to the types of metals you can salvage here is a short guide.


The first type of metal you can salvage is ferrous metal. Cast iron, heavy steel, light grade steel, and ferrous inorganic materials are all ferrous metals. They are heavy and magnetic. Things belonging to ferrous metals include construction steel, car bodies, and brake drums.


Non-ferrous metals are the second salvageable category of metals. Aluminium, copper, lead, brass, and stainless steel all belong to non-ferrous metals. These metals are significantly lighter. They are more valuable as well than ferrous metals.

Non-Ferrous Materials

You can find aluminium in mag wheels, pots and pans, registration plates, window frames, and brake boosters, among others. You can find copper and brass in piping mainly. Stainless steel is used for sinks, for example. Finally, lead can be found in piping as well as batteries.

You can identify metals you can give to recyclers with the previous guide. The more you bring the, better for you since recycling companies pay people for the metals they deliver. You may not earn that much from metal recycling, but you may earn enough to buy small things you need.

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