Trendy Clothing: Guide in Dressing Up in Western Style

Western Style
Have you ever tried watching those bull riding sports or activities? Aren’t you in awe of the stylish attires spectators wear? Whether you are a spectator or a participant, everyone looks good in their comfy trendy clothes.

Cowboys are usually known for their perfectly shaped hat. In the 1800’s, choice of clothing for the cowboys is important because it plays an important role in their job or in their daily activities. People admire the women’s western wool vests at A.A. Callister, as well as their pointed chic boots.

When getting ready for rodeo season, plan on your outfit. Consider the basic clothing styles, culture, and your overall look.


Check on the shape as well as the material these hats are made of. There are felt hats and straw hats. Though felt hats are more expensive, it is more durable and definitely looks better.

Shirts or Dresses

It doesn’t matter whether it is a long sleeved or short sleeved button down shirt, they never go out of style. Cowgirls in dresses are the perfect sight. For you cowgirls out there who are confused on picking your outfit, you might want to check on the weather to guide you. You may want to add leggings or the women’s western wool vests just in case it gets cold.


Ripped jeans or shorts are always the winners in any rodeo event. Just make sure that it is not too tight or too loose.


Next to style is the comfort. Choose the boots that are both comfortable and eye-catching. Because rodeo events or activities may require a lot of standing, walking and dancing, flat boots may also be an option.

Try to mix and match trendy fashion pieces: the color, the style, the print as well as how comfortable it may be. Stick to the simple classic dress code. This is the most important rule in dressing in rodeo style.

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