Mid-Career Shift to a Paralegal: Is It Possible?

Mid-Career Shift

A new paralegal career in the middle phase of your life may sound strange, but there are so many people who felt the urge to change at the same point in their lives. If it’s something you’ve always considered, now is the perfect time to do it.

Whether you’ve always seen becoming a paralegal an option or you have the aptitude to become one, there are ways to make it possible. Online paralegal programs are very popular these days, and since virtual education has greatly improved in efficiency, this won’t be like paying for videos and no guidance. If you’re serious enough, what these schools offer will most likely suffice your needs.

Now, as for the actual switch, looking for a successful paralegal who started out late is a little hard. But, looking at a victorious mid-career shift from a single perspective would be narrow. Making a career switch happens to everyone, and these examples may encourage you with your plan:

LaJuan Ramsey: From NFL DT to Chef

You don’t quit an NFL job, or so everyone thought. With millions of dollars at stake, you at least try to make it in the grueling league. Not LaJuan Ramsey, the former defensive tackle for the Eagles who became a chef. It was a combination of circumstances that led to his shift, but it was clear that he was going to have a harder time making it due to constant injuries. He always loved cooking, so when he made the decision, he had one thing in mind.

Now, though his job pays much less than his former work, he’s happy and content. Considering what he had to give up, this is a remarkable result.

Jonathan Hernandez: Coach with a Bright Future to Roofer

Another example from football, but nonetheless shows a successful shift, many know Jonathan as DJ Hernandez the assistant at Iowa and more famously, as the brother of Aaron Hernandez. Ever since his brother’s incarceration, it’s been a little hard to get away from the attention. He walked away from it all to become a roofer in Texas. It’s nothing like life in football, but it gives him peace.

He’s been getting compliments, and it was nicer than all the difficulties trying to land a job in football.

It will be hard, even more so as a paralegal. But, if it’s something you want, and the change will do you good, it’s something to consider. You won’t be short in options, either.

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