Straight Teeth

Keeping Your Teeth Straight and Looking Great

Straight TeethIf you’re one of the lucky people born with great teeth, congratulations! If you’ve just come from a lengthy treatment to align your teeth perfectly, you deserve even more praise!

With many more treatments available to align teeth, such as deceptively discreet invisible braces, people have a range of options to choose from. However, having undergone your treatment, all the pain and patience can be in vain if you don’t know how to take care of your newly straightened teeth. While the effects of the treatment are intended to be permanent, there are a few steps that you can take to ensure that your teeth stay as straight and beautiful as possible.

Keep Up With the Hygiene Routine

Oral hygiene is very important, whether your teeth are straight or not. A good oral hygiene routine ensures that the mouth is clean and it minimises the number of bacteria that can thrive there. Regular brushing also removes plaque and other materials that are harmful to the teeth. Ask your dentists about the best dental routines for you.

Frequent Dentist Visits

You should visit your dentist regularly, at least twice a year. Your dentist is familiar with your mouth and will be able to give you an update on what is happening to your teeth. He or she will notice if your treatment is showing any signs of relapse. If necessary, your dentist can use X-rays and other diagnostics to assess the impact of the braces on the structure of your teeth and jaw.

Retain the Fix

Don’t ever skip wearing your retainers. At the end of their alignment treatment, retainers—small, removable braces — will keep the teeth in place. Grinding, clenching and stress can all make teeth crooked again. Retainers will control the teeth’s natural tendency to move.

The day when your braces are taken off is one to remember. Without braces, you can finally feel your teeth again and your whole mouth just feels – nice. But, to make the entire process of realignment worth it, and to keep your teeth straight and happy, remember to follow these suggestions.

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