Dentures in a Glass of Water

Natural-Looking Dentures for Real Smiles

Dentures aren’t quite what they used to be. It is easy to imagine them floating in a glass of water at the bedside, awaiting their next day as the smile to a toothless mouth. Another image may be a set of clattering teeth, gliding along on the bedside table like a scene on a comedy sitcom. As funny as that may seem, modern dentistry has progressed enough to disprove that image and in Edinburgh, dentures are looking like real and natural teeth.

As a flexible and removable alternative to treatments such as dental implants, dentures in Edinburgh are an affordable option for replacing a set of teeth. Whether a person is looking to replace a few or all of their teeth, dental practices like Edinburgh Dental Specialists who offer full and partial dentures, make that possible.

Preventing long-term issues

Partial dentures are useful for people who have one or a few teeth missing. Leaving gaps in the mouth for too long can create problems that will affect a person’s lifestyle, and could have an impact on how they speak and eat food. Leaving the gaps can also damage the remaining teeth, as over time, they will begin to grow at an angle.

Full dentures are also custom-made by dental technicians to suit the every individual patient. That way, they are satisfied with their new and natural grin. Both the teeth and gums are moulded around the mouth of the patient, and after the dentists takes their measurements, the dental technicians can begin crafting the customised dentures.

A smiley future

When it comes to cleaning dentures, it is just as important as looking after natural teeth. Just like normal teeth, a failure to clean morning and night could lead to complications like bad breath and gum disease.

Although dentures take some getting used to, it seems worth it to have a full set of natural-looking teeth to show off. For those who are considering dentures in Edinburgh, they are already investing in a long-lasting solution to missing teeth. The gums and bone can alter in shape over time after fitting dentures, and they will need to be replaced every 10 years or so.

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