How to Manage the Challenges of a Working Mom

If you’re a working mother, you know that time management…

Types of Flooring To Consider in Building Your Home

Flooring is a crucial aspect of home décor. With the…

Everything You Need To Know About Fleet Management

Running a business that’s heavily reliant on vehicles can be…

3 Ways to Create Engaging Product Posts on Instagram

As a business owner, you know that to be successful,…


Quit Smoking

It’s Easier to Quit Smoking when You have Support

Jessica “Jazz” AndersonMar 29, 20162 min read

Smoking’s one personal decision. Yet, when you look at how each human who dies an…


Girl Talk: Different Hairstyles You Can Rock Every Day

Jessica “Jazz” AndersonApr 4, 20162 min read

Achieve that stunningly gorgeous look you’ve always wanted by trying a new haircut or hairstyle. Whether…

Protection Sunglasses

Beyond Fashion: Sunglasses and the Protection They Offer

Jessica “Jazz” AndersonMay 5, 20162 min read

Summer is near. It’s not surprising that everyone is already planning a summer escapade, shopping…

Wedding Venue in Indianapolis

Your Guide to Picking the Best Wedding Venue

Jessica “Jazz” AndersonMay 23, 20162 min read

Choosing a venue is one of the most challenging parts of planning a wedding. The…


Compelling Reasons to Enroll in a Cosmetology School

Jessica “Jazz” AndersonJun 6, 20162 min read

If you’re people-oriented and have the passion for beauty – nail care, hair style, etc;…

Why oral health needn’t end with tooth loss

Why oral health needn’t end with tooth loss

Jessica “Jazz” AndersonJun 24, 20162 min read

Lose your teeth, and you might think your oral health is over. However, in the…

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