Plantation Shutters: Elegance and Comfort

Plantation Shutters in PerthPlantation shutters are attractive window treatments. Since they can be a bit costly to some homeowners, they are worth the purchase. There are many good reasons to get this type of window covering installed on your home. This article aims to enlighten you about the history of plantation shutters and the different types that you can choose from.

The Purpose 

Plantation shutters have been in use for centuries now. Originally invented by the Greeks ca. 800 BC, these shutters were made with different materials including marble. This type of window treatment offered strong coverage from windows while controlling the flow of air and natural light. It also provide much-need privacy. Over time, plantation shutters have made their way to other countries. In Perth, plantation shutters is a popular choice among homeowners. 

Style and Function

There are many styles to choose from – many of these are functional too.

  • Louvered shutters are usually hung near windows and have overlapping slats of wood set in a frame. Mostly used outside a home, these add an element of interest to any architectural style.
  • Raised panel: These decorative shutters can be combined with window boxes and create an inviting country garden style. Usually painted a dark colour to offer a contrast to window frames and flowers.
  • Board and Batten are available in a variety of shapes. It works well with curved windows and add a lovely touch to any exterior.
  • Shaker style: These are solid, flat panels are used inside a home. Simple and functional, they are the hallmark of this style.
  • Plantation: If you want a typical Southern look, functional exterior shutters with wide louvers can be installed. Open to let in the breeze or close on stormy days.
  • California shutters: These louvered shutters are used indoors and have wide, horizontal slats.  Great for filtering out sunlight.
  • Café style: Mostly seen at cafes, this type of window covering offers a lot of privacy. Louvered as well, they cover the bottom half of windows.
  • Cut outs: Used on the outside, you can customise this to suit your preferences.

Each type of shutter is made to serve certain purposes. Based on what your requirement or purpose is, choose the right one to avoid costly mistakes.

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