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Popular Categories of Outdoor Patio Covers

Decks and patios are great outdoor spaces where you can enjoy your home’s natural landscape while maintaining a sense of closed space or enclosure. Many homes and apartments have the patio as an essential part of the house. Ideally, the design of the patio and its architecture should be integrated with that of the home. Some homeowners build the patio as an extension of the house while others have it as a standalone space.

When approaching suppliers of patios to look for a roof to cover your outdoor space, you need to know what you want or need. Often, indecision causes some homeowners to make decisions they are not ready to make. The following are the types of covers you can consider:

Insulated patios

If you already have a patio that you are looking to renovate with the hope of improving the value of your home, you can consider insulated covers. They offer 100% full coverage and protection from weather elements. They have three inches of foam insulation to reduce the noise caused by rain on the aluminum. This roof system is affordable and will present numerous benefits with the comfort of safety.

All the available details and designs must be considered with the supplier. Be sure to think about the requirements for maintenance. Insulated patios often have a locking system that is easy to install. You can have the aluminum covering painted to achieve your desired finish. It can also be integrated with a fan beam and embossed with cedar to improve the texture.

Lattice Laguna

Photo of luxury garden furniture at the patio

This patio cover balances style and comfort. Go for the lattice Laguna if you want to add charm and sophistication to the exterior of your home. The roofing reduces exposure to the elements by 60% without getting rid of refreshing breezes. The roof will have features such as high-quality paint that will not peel or chip, cedar-embossed texture, and faux wood grain. If you want a patio that matches the unique style of your home, consider the lattice Laguna for its luxurious finishes, variety of design colors, durability, and custom options.

Solid non-insulated roof

This patio cover offers maximum protection from the elements. It is low maintenance and very easy to install. The roofing can be wired and insulated if you like to accommodate fans and lighting. It often features textures embossed with cedar and a wood grain finish. Solid non-insulated covers can be customized to suit your home’s design.

They offer termite-resistant components, easy to clean gutters, limited lifetime warranties, and climate-specific engineering. As an added benefit, solid non-insulated roofs will require no painting.

Limited space can affect the quality of your gatherings or your in-home family day hangouts. It can make socializing difficult if you try to do it in a cramped area. The right patio cover will help you plan for family events and romantic evenings. It will allow you to invite people to your home, offering additional space with shade and protection. It is best to enlist the help of professionals when choosing and installing patio covers.

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