Preparing for the Golden Age

Heavenly TubsNo amount of anti-aging products can keep you from the reality that people will definitely grow old, and though this may not be an easy task, taking care of the elderly shouldn't have to be that big of a burden.

1. Elderly-Proof Your Home

When a person approaches the latter years of life, the body starts to slow down and certain functions begin to deteriorate such as the eyesight, hearing, and the body's general ability to get from one place to another. If you're currently living in a 2-storey house, it may be logical to have them stay on the lowest level. Have your grandparent or parent transfer to the first floor to keep him or her from having to climb up and down the stairs. One of the biggest hazards for senior citizens is their increased risk of fractures due to bone decalcification, so it would be best to minimize their chances of falling and seriously hurting themselves. Walk in tubs for the elderly can also be a good investment for their bathroom, this should prevent any difficulty in getting in and out of the tub which may cause them to slip. Bear in mind that a tub would cost so much less than hip replacement surgery, which is common among elderly people who slip and fall. Adding rubber mats on bathroom floors and railings on long hallways and driveways are also a cheap yet effective way of preventing any falls, especially with slippery pavements during winter.

2. Organize and Plan

If you're unable to get a private caretaker to watch over your parent or grandparent, forming an organized schedule would be best. More often than not, elderly people have medical needs that require them to be under supervision at all times. Whether to make sure they take their medication on time or they don't end up roaming a different city alone with no clue how to get back, having someone around to look after them is a must. If you have other family members living with you or near you, then you can try to get them to help out. Maybe have someone accompany your grandparent or parent to the doctor for their regular check-up or take turns taking him/her out during the weekends. This way you can maximize your time and get everything done without having to stress out on who's watching grandpa. A journal or planner can also help keep track of appointments, which medication they need, the correct diet/meal plan, and when to shop for their needs. Make it easier for yourself and learn to list everything down.

3. Attitude Adjustment

Home improvements are easy, but it's the personal renovations that can take some time getting used to. It's time to condition yourself to repeat everything you just said because they can't hear you, hear them tell the same stories over and over again every day for hours, and pick up after them because they'll forget and start asking you where they left their dentures. As much as you love them, seniors can be a handful, and if you don't lengthen your patience to at least twice of what it was before, it's going to be a rough time. Try to enjoy the stories, even if you've memorized every bit of it. If you're really struggling, you can keep them busy. A new hobby like gardening or knitting or a simple baking class could be good for them or maybe get audio books for them to listen to so they wouldn't have any difficulty reading small letters. Depending on what they like to do, you can find easy ways to keep them happy.

Retirement can be a tough time, and it's important that you try to spend time with them as much as you can. Your parents and grandparents won't be here forever, and small gestures like sharing a part of your day with them could make all the difference.

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