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Prepping Your Furnace System for the Winter Season

Furnace Services in ProvoDealing with chilly autumn nights is hard enough for you, more so when winter comes. Good thing, there are now a variety of heating systems available to keep you warm and comfortable when the cold season sets in. Generally, they are trouble-free and extremely easy-to-maintain. Nonetheless, heating systems also require regular maintenance service to ensure that they will function efficiently.

Here are some ways to keep your system last long:

Turn It Off

When not in use, be sure to flip the electrical switch of your system to “Off” mode. Do this by lifting your combustion chamber and pulling it out. If your system has a burner cover, you must also remove it. This portion of your unit is usually secured by two screws.

Clean the Blower Blades Gently

Prevent dirt and dust from building up in your system by cleaning its blower blades regularly. You may use a vacuum and a small brush in cleaning it up. Be sure to not touch any of the wirings, as well as disturb its counterweights to avoid causing system breakdowns and malfunctions

Lubricate (if Necessary)

To ensure smooth operation, oil your furnaces at least once a year. Just be sure to not put too much oil in it. Two to three drops would suffice to make it run smoothly.

Seal the Leaks

Check whether the tubes and pipes in your system have holes or leaks. To do so, you may perform a back drafting test. If they are, immediately seal these parts using special metal tapes. In the event that the leaking worsens, HRCClimateServices.com recommends calling furnace repair services in Provo.

Maintaining a furnace is easy. You just need a little patience in keeping it clean. As much as you want to keep your heating unit in good condition, don’t also forget to clean up your fireplace and fix the insulation system in your home to enjoy warm and comfortable winter breaks.

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