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The Aging Process: How You Can Slow It Down

Skin Care in SingaporeOur skin just like any other body part in our body ages with us as well. Changes in the appearance of the skin can be seen as anyone grows older. The truth is there is no way to completely stop the ageing process, all that can be done is slow it down. The process of aging is a bit of complicated process, but here’s a simple explanation.

Why Do We Age? 

The ageing process is just an act of nature that is irreversible, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a scientific explanation to it. Our skin contains a protein called collagen. This protein deals with the elasticity and the radiant look that the skin has in our youth years. As we grow older the production of this protein goes down, leading to the saggy skin and wrinkles on the skin seen on older people.

Can You Stop the Aging Process?

Sadly, there is no way to stop us from aging, it will happen. Some products tend to make strong claims like they provide the fountain of youth, this is false. The good news is that the process can be slowed down by taking some measures and adjusting your lifestyle.

What You Can Do?

There are some adjustments you are going to need to make for you to achieve youthful skin all the way to your old age. We can’t get into detail on all of them, but what you could do is eat healthier and include supplements in your diet.

We aren’t talking about the normal supplements here. There are nutritional supplements used in skin health and beauty. An example of such a supplement is the collagen skin supplements, healthcare professional suggests. These supplements work by helping you rebuild your collagen levels once they are ingested and absorbed by the body.

Other measures you could take are such using moisturizers, avoid going out without sunscreen on and living healthy altogether.

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