Pressure Washing Your Home? Avoid Making These Common Mistakes

Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is an effective way to get rid of dirt, grime, dust, and other debris stuck on a home’s exterior. Pressure washing lets you prime surfaces for painting. It also eliminates mold that can affect the health of your family.

Pressure washing, however, isn’t as simple as pointing the equipment to the dirty exterior and turning on the machine. You could end up damaging your house if you don’t know how to clean using the given equipment.

Apart from learning how to use the power washing machine, make sure that you avoid making these mistakes when pressure washing your house:

Using Too Much Water Pressure

Many homeowners are not aware of the amount of pressure required to clean a surface correctly. As a result, they damage their exterior and do more harm than good. Excessive water pressure, for instance, can damage window panes. If this happens, you’ll have to fix or (in extreme cases) replace your window.

Remember that surfaces tolerate pressure differently. Aluminum, for instance, cannot stand high pressure. On the other hand, gravel can tolerate high water pressure. Check the pressure settings and stand sufficiently away from the surface before turning on the machine.

Using Only Water to Clean Your House

Water alone cannot get rid of contaminants. By using only water, you could spread mold spores around without actually killing them. Additionally, these spores will continue to proliferate once the exterior dries from the power washing.

Before you use the pressure washing equipment, treat or coat the area for cleaning with diluted chlorine. This helps strip away from the barrier on the dirt and mold.

Targeting Water-sensitive Areas

Not everything in your house requires pressure washing. Certain parts of your home are highly sensitive to power washing. Avoid these areas before you start the power washing process:

  • Electrical Meters and Panels – Stay away from fixtures housing electrical components. Although these devices can withstand rainstorms, power washing could force water to seep through the crevices and damage the fixture.
  • Air Conditioning Systems – If your AC unit is dirty, never use your pressure washer to clean it. The powerful pressure could damage the unit and render it unusable.
  • Plants – These living things in your garden or landscape can’t tolerate the powerful force generated by your pressure washer. Make sure that you cover your plants with a tarp before starting the pressure washing process.

Washing the House in the Wrong Order

You have to follow a logical sequence when power washing your house. If you clean your driveway first and then wash your roof, for instance, the filthy run-off water could stain your driveway. This means that you have to clean the driveway again, which is a waste of time, effort, and energy.

If you want the best cleaning result, follow this order:

  1. Roof
  2. Siding
  3. Flat Surfaces
  4. Windows
  5. Driveway

Before you turn on your pressure washing equipment, avoid incurring these cleaning mistakes. If you’ll be cleaning with a pressure washer, always follow the safety instructions printed on the operating manual. This way, you and your family can stay safe when pressure washing your house.

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