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Question: How Much Does Invisalign Cost in London?

Answer: it depends on who patients go to for these invisible aligners.

Invisalign has hit the big time. These innovative aligners have been around now for more than 20 years, but their use has reached critical mass in the past couple of years. More and more dentists now offer this brilliant way of straightening teeth. There are even entire practices devoted to it.

Practitioner experience

But what’s amazing is how much variation there is in Invisalign cost in London. There are some good reasons for this variation. Any general dentist can train in Invisalign. But skill comes with experience and there are therefore different levels of experience denoted. Someone like Graham Tinkler is a platinum provider because he has been fitting people with Invisalign for years. In fact, it is all he does. Dentists, such as Graham, build their practices around Invisalign. Such dentists have been pushing the boundaries of what Invisalign can achieve for years. If a patient’s own dentist has told them that Invisalign can’t help, it’s worth getting a second opinion from these platinum providers. Patients may find they can have them after all.

How Many Aligners

Treatment costs vary according to the length of patients’ treatment. The more aligners patients need, the more the treatment costs.

Hidden Extras

Patients might think that with this all this experience and expertise that platinum providers would charge more for their Invisalign treatments than other dentists, and, at first, it may seem so. However, it is worth seeing what is covered in the dentist’s written, costed, treatment plan. The Invisalign cost in London with some dentists may not include everything patients will need. Check to see if the cost of Invisalign in London includes the retainers that patients may have at the end of treatment. Retainers hold patients’ teeth in position while the bone settles down around them. The cost can also include getting teeth whitened when the Invisalign straightening treatment is complete. With some dentists, patients can also have the edges of their teeth recontoured as part of their Invisalign package.

Free Consultation

One thing that should definitely be free is the initial consultation. So finding out if it’s the right treatment is no extra burden.

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