Stable Dentures with Dental Implants in Windsor?

dental implants

Dentures have been around for centuries, but some people struggle to adapt to them, even after years of wear. Even experienced denture wearers can face problems when eating or talking, since dentures tend to become loose as the jawbone gradually deteriorates.

Unlike dentures, dental implants in Windsor stay in place and will never embarrass a patient by falling out while they are eating or speaking. However, not every patient can afford this effective but costly treatment. The good news is that dental implants have evolved over time and are now more versatile and inexpensive than ever. At The Old Windsor Dental Practice patients can take advantage of an innovative technique known as denture stabilisation with dental implants in Windsor.

Begin with a consultation with a dentist

Patients who are interested in this treatment can learn more about it through their dentist. Unlike regular implants in Windsor, dental implants used for denture stabilisation are smaller and are placed at a different angle in the jawbone. The dentist will place up to 4 of these dental implants on each jawbone.

Moreover, these dental implants have a different surface texture and special clip-ons, since they are designed to accommodate dentures. Once this process is completed, the oral function of the patient will be completely restored.

Not everyone is available for this treatment, however, therefore consulting a dentist in advance is highly recommended.

Better than regular dentures

Dentures stabilised on dental implants have quite a few advantages compared with regular dentures. For starters, they are securely fastened on the dental implants, meaning that they don’t require frequent fittings and in addition they do not when someone eats, speaks or drinks. Because they are interlocked with clip-on mechanisms, they are also unlikely to become loose. Since they do not cover the entire palate like regular dentures, patients find it easier to form words and enjoy their favourite foods. More importantly, dentures stabilised by dental implants in Windsor are almost as strong as real teeth, since they can restore a patient’s biting force almost completely. Overall, this procedure is very simple and costs less than regular dental implants.

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