Right Mindset Puts Rasmus On Top

You’ve heard it before. Having the right mindset can make anything possible. I myself am a believer of this. Colby Rasmus, the Blue Jays center fielder, seems to be benefitting from this belief.


The baseball superstar has done very well and homered in four straight games since returning from his injury. It seems like all the struggles he undergone the year before has finally come to an end.

Colby has always been a very talented baseball player. No one can question the way he plays the game. His biggest issue was, however, his own personal demons, and his inability to handle the relationships with the people he works with. He even admitted that in spite of a very successful year in his baseball games, what he thinks is his greatest accomplishment are the important life lessons he learned while playing for the team.

In my opinion, the mental and emotional side of a professional life will constantly be a challenge. We will always be faced with people we don’t get along with, but needs to continuously interact with. And I think we need these people. These people are instruments in shaping our patience and in making us into better and more matured individuals, tolerant of the world around us.

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