There’s Money In The Boxing Arena

mayweather and caneloHow much are you willing to pay to watch your boxing champion fight? Surprisingly, some people are ready to shell out $29,000 for a ringside seat! The fight of the year, as a lot of people call it, took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez.

The two boxing greats went head to head. In the end, Mayweather takes the win, causing Alvarez the first loss of his boxing career.

And that’s not the only reason this boxing match is the talk of the town. When I said I won’t pay $29,000 for a ringside ticket, I didn’t mean to say that I don’t want to watch the fight. In fact, I would have loved to if I had that much money. The contenders seemed well matched and I had a feeling that the two would have an exciting bout. Most people felt the same way and as a result, that match became the record-holder with the highest pay-per-view price of around $70, earning more than $150 million in TV sales revenue alone.

The gate price for the Nevada match has also been declared as a new record, collecting more than $20 million dollars in seat sales. With all this money, it’s no wonder a lot of people are looking into boxing as their sport of choice. I think that figure alone can motivate anyone into whipping their body into shape and trying their hand at boxing.

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