Robots And Dogs Get Along Just Fine But Man Remains Its Best Friend

Dogs have been man’s best friend for as long as anyone can remember. But is that about to change? I’ve recently come across a news article that says change may be just around the corner. It seems like dogs have begun to get friendly with the robots according to a recent study published by the Animal Cognition.

robot and dog

Apparently, as long as these automatons act human-like, even if they look like gym equipment with monitor for heads and nothing at all like humans, and display friendly behavior towards the pooches, the canines would respond positively towards them. The dogs have been noted to interact with these robots, as if they are their masters.

I honestly hope that this isn’t true. I don’t want robots to replace humans as dogs’ best friends. I mean, dogs are dogs. They wag their tail in amusement and excitement at almost everything. A part of me even believes that no matter how far advance in technology we get, this will never happen because dogs are living creatures and they deserve love that only another living creature can provide.

Dogs will always be man’s best friends and a few short years of robot interaction can’t ever erase the millennia that these loyal guys have been at our side.

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