Fishing As Past-Time May Not Be A Good Idea Today

Just this morning, I’ve come across some sad news. It seems like the Coldwater fish population in Montana has been steadily decreasing along with the developing climate change. I’ve been troubled when I read the statement of a long-time fisherman named Todd Tanner, claiming that the number of trout and bass has dwindled significantly. I know that fish are highly sensitive to temperature changes, but I kept hoping that the anecdote is just a story and that it may not be as serious as it seems to be. Unfortunately, even the National Wildlife Federation is saying the same thing. What’s worse is, the environmental group thinks that the situation is only going to go downhill as time passes.

coldfishI know that as an individual I may not be able to do anything that would significantly turn this tragedy around. But I think that if we work as a community, we can do something to change what’s going on. Erasing some of our carbon footprint, if all of us are in it, may just be what the Coldwater fish of Montana needs in order to survive.

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