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Rock Climbing: What to Expect on Your First Try

rock climbingYour first big wall — that is what they call a beginner’s first rock climbing experience. Like all the things coming at you, you are to expect the unexpected. Let it not be the case for your first ever climb.

Upon setting foot at the bottom of the wall, your knees are highly likely to shake and your hands will surely sweat. This is especially true when you do not know what will come your way. This, however, is no excuse to let your emotions get the best of you.

This blog is here to tell everybody out there getting ready for their first shot at rock climbing and what to expect from it.

A Lot of Gear is Involved

Since the sport is no easy activity, it requires a number of safety measures. Expect to learn new names of the knobs and knots and terms of the different areas or sections of the walls. As much as you would like to get a head start in the climb, GamePlaySport shares that climbers will need at least 20 minutes of preparation. This is to strap you in, make sure the fit is comfortable and tight enough and that the ropes are strong enough to hold you along with the person in charge of spotting you.

You Will Be Exhausted

The sport is extremely strenuous, as it involves every part of your body working in unison. It will seem easy at first and the goal of getting to the top becomes more achievable. The push and drive to get there is what keeps you going, especially for a first-timer. But after doing so, expect to be tired and gasping for air.

The adrenaline pumping through your system during the entire way up may have numbed you of the tired feeling, so don’t be surprised when your legs give out at the top.

Speed Does Not Matter

On your first big wall, you are not expected to finish in record-breaking time, of course. Somewhere along your climb, you will realise that how fast you go does not matter.

The important thing to remember is that you need to climb calm and strategize your next move. As a beginner, you need not be quick about it as long as you finish the climb — yes, just like life.

Make your first climb memorable by knowing what to expect on your first try.

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