SEO Myths in Perth

SEO Myths Everyone Should Know About

SEO Myths in PerthIt is well known that search engine optimisation or SEO can do wonderful things for your business. A well-done optimisation strategy can get your website to the top rankings in search engine results. The web crawlers can find you quickly with good SEO, thus giving your site more exposure and targeted traffic.  But to enjoy the benefits of a well-done search engine optimisation, you should know the myths surrounding this technique.

  • Optimisation does not work

Some people still believe that SEO, as a marketing strategy, is not effective and that it is a trick to earn money. But this is not true as there is clear evidence to the contrary. Most customers buy online products and use major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to look for the things they need. In fact, search engine usage is one of the most preferred activities online, along with emailing, networking and watching online videos.

  • Once is enough

If your website is search engine friendly and has been optimised well by professionals, you will see good results. But the truth is that to get continuous good rankings, your website requires sustained SEO. Once is not enough. This is a continuous marketing process and you have to keep improving the content on your website. The search engines are always updating their algorithms. You have to keep up with these changes.

An SEO expert Perth can guide you in this process as constant social media marketing, key words, backlinks and much more is involved.

  • Keyword saturation is enough

This is completely untrue, as keyword saturation can only get you penalised by Google today.  It was true earlier, but Google caught up with a lot of spam and changed their algorithms.  You still need targeted keywords in the tags and titles, but they should be used in conjunction with other relevant phrases and words.

There are other myths including the belief that SEO is expensive and that you will get instant results. But both are untrue, as you will find that the SEO services are very affordable and you need to be patient to see results. You need to work long, hard and smart to get on the first page of the search engine results.

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