Travel with Pets

Travel Light, But Don’t Forget to Pack Your Pet

Travel with PetsMoving overseas to start a new life can be one of the most exciting adventures in life. A new country in a different time zone demands a lot of adjustment, but also a lot of new and exciting experiences. You get to interact with new people, learn a new culture and experience a new lifestyle altogether.

However, as much as it is exciting and interesting moving to another country, the logistics of it can be distressing. You have to ship all of your household and personal effects, as well as your private motor vehicles. However, when you’re busy dealing with international shipping in NZ, you should never forget to think about your pet. How do you plan to move your puppy across continents?

Permits and Requirements

Each country has its own requirements before pets and animals can be moved there. In New Zealand, an import permit is usually required, along with a quarantine period. Domestic dogs and cats imported from Australia are exempted from these requirements.

Animal Welfare and Comfort

Other than the technical paperwork that comes with travelling with your pet, there’s also the animal’s welfare to think about. Is your cat comfortable with travelling? Is your dog easily stressed? Travelling can be just as stressful to animals as it is to humans. Whether you’re taking them up in the air or out on the open ocean, you need to work with an agency that will accommodate your furry friends.

It’s also important that you become aware of the dangers of flying your pet or having them internationally shipped to a different country. Your pets are part of the family and deserve quality care and service, even in transit.

The best route to take should you move to a different country with your pets is to have professionals arrange everything for you – from packing, storing and moving your belongings, to travel insurance, and your pet’s boarding, airline approved cages, vetting, inspections and quarantine formalities. Take the hassle out of moving and simply look forward to the new turn your life is about to take.

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