Sleeping Difficulties: Is Your Partner the Problem?

Man snoring and woman covering her ears while sleeping on bed in bedroomWhen you’re living together with your partner, you suddenly know every little detail about their routine. You also see them at their most vulnerable–when they are sleeping. It’s romantic if you look at it one way, but it’s also annoying if seen from another perspective. Especially if they are messy and if they are the reason you’re not getting enough sleep.

The Hogger

It doesn’t matter how big the bed and the blanket is, or how well laid the king size bamboo sheets were when you went to bed. You wake up cold and on the edge of the bed because your partner has decided they want to spread their arms or sleep right smack in the middle, leaving no room for you to move around. If this is the case, talk to them about boundaries. Discuss possible alternatives, such as a wall of pillows in the middle.

The Snorer

Things seem fine when you say goodnight to each other, but as your partner drifts off to sleep, that’s where the problem starts. You wake up in the middle of the night because of their loud snores. It’s all you hear, and covering your ears with a pillow doesn’t seem to work. Because snoring is a medical condition, you may want to talk about seeing a doctor for some ways to alleviate their snoring problem.

The Light Sleeper

This could be your partner, or this could be you. The light sleeper wakes up at the softest sound. Things are even worse when they think the sound is that of an intruder because they will want to wake up their partner for it. In some cases, it’s better to be vigilant about these noises, but if it happens every night and even the sound of leaves rustling is waking up the light sleeper, it’s time to consider soundproofing the room.

Your relationship with someone should not mean you get poor sleep every night. Look for ways to make things better for both you and your partner.

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