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Stop Buying Toilet Paper for Your Bathroom — Here’s Why

When the global pandemic took over in the United States, the demand for toilet paper skyrocketed due to hoarding. According to a report from Media Entertainment Arts Worldwide (MEAWW), almost half (48 percent) of the grocery stores in the country ran out of toilet paper.

If you believe that this shopping list staple is important for your household, think again. Families can live without toilet paper. Instead of using this product, they can install a bidet to clean their bodies effectively.

Still on “team toilet paper”? These reasons should convince you to ditch this primitive wiping product.

It Could Injure Your Anus

If you’re using toilet paper to cleaning your sensitive areas aggressively, you could end up hurting yourself. When you’re overzealous in wiping, you could suffer from polished anus syndrome, also known as pruritis ani. The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons (ASCRS) describes this condition as an unpleasant sensation around the rectal opening.

A bidet, on the other hand, is gentler on the skin. It gets rid of the impurities without causing painful anal fissures.

It Doesn’t Completely Remove the Residue

Using a toilet roll is an ineffective way to clean your body. Wiping simply spreads the residue instead of eliminating it. If you want to clean your bottom properly, you’ll need to wash it with water.

It Harbors Nasty Bacteria

A study published in PLOS One, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, revealed that toilet paper is a culprit for spreading germs in restrooms. When you load a roll of toilet paper into a dispenser, the paper could rub against a bacteria-infested wall. What’s more, people may use their dirty hands to rip off a few sheets of paper. The germs could jump from their hands and into the toilet roll.

It Could Clog the Toilet

plumbing maintenanceToilet paper is usually flushable. It typically disintegrates as soon as it hits the water. Unfortunately, not all toilets can accommodate this product. If the pipes of your toilet are old, the product could accumulate along the pipe edges and obstruct your plumbing.

Using a thick toilet paper can also contribute to clogging. When you buy a thick roll of paper, the water may have a difficult time breaking down the material. The toilet paper could then obstruct the pipes.

It’s Expensive and Inconvenient in the Long Run

An average individual uses about 100 rolls of toilet paper annually. Additionally, a toilet paper roll typically lasts less than a week for an average household. When you’re buying this product every week for your family, the cost racks up.

Instead of flushing your dollars down the drain, you’re better off installing water sprayer attachments for your bathroom. They’re an alternative to driving to the supermarket and buying packs of toilet paper for your family.

It’s Harmful for the Environment

The production of millions of toilet paper rolls involves cutting down trees. It also involves bleaching, which can harm the environment. If you want to help Mother Earth, ditch the toilet rolls and stick to eco-friendlier ways of cleaning your bottom.

These reasons should compel you to steer clear of toilet paper in supermarkets. If toilet paper is hard to purchase in your local area, now is a good time to install a jet sprayer on your toilet.

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