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Time-Saving Morning Routines for Working Women

When you’re a go-getter who’s always eager to get the day started, every minute that you save becomes precious. For one thing, it could mean the difference between getting to work on time and missing your bus or the last available taxi at the stop; and for another, it’s just not in your nature to waste time when you can spend it doing something productive or useful.

The challenge of proper time management begins the moment you wake. If you succeed at keeping to your schedule when preparing for work, the rest of your day will likely go as planned.

Here are some tips on how you can cut down your prep time in the morning and make it to work on time and in high spirits.

If there’s anything you can do the previous night, do it.

It doesn’t make sense to shave your legs in the morning when you can take your time (and indulge in a bath, to boot) in the evenings. The same goes for choosing an outfit: as many women can attest, a simple outfit of blouse and slacks can take just as long to put together as a full-on corporate attire.

Your work prep, therefore, should begin the night before. Plan your outfit, pack your bag, and set your house keys and work ID right beside it. It’s remarkable much time you can waste looking for random “lost things” at home, so save yourself the time and stress by keeping your daily essentials in place at all times. Prepare a packed lunch or snacks, too, and you can save not just time but also money.

Prepare as much as you can at night so that you can just grab-and-go in the morning. It’s the best time-saver for working women.

Use all-in-one bath products.

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Women love their baths! It’s a luxury of time, however, and one that most don’t have every day. So rather than soak on the tub, take a shower; and instead of using several bath products (which would require multiple rinses), use all-in-one counterparts, like shampoo and conditioner in one and moisturizing body soap. Alternatively, you can wash your hair in the evening and use volumizing dry shampoo in the morning. These can save you time and money, especially if you choose brands that produce paraben-free products with natural ingredients, like Davines OI and Fudge Professional.

Go to bed on time.

Hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock and sleeping through it are the most common reasons why many women rush through their morning routines. If you examine the root of the problem, however, it boils down to not having enough sleep the night before.

Stick to a regular bedtime so that you’ll wake faster and be more alert in the mornings. It also keeps your circadian rhythm (also known as the sleep-wake cycle or internal body clock) stable, which in turn helps you stay alert in the afternoons.

A good and timely start in the morning can snowball throughout the day. Use these tips to keep your morning prep time short so that your day will end the way you start it: productive and satisfying.

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