The 3 W’s of Installing Contemporary Indoor Fireplaces

Imagine sitting in front of a fireplace while enjoying a drink with friends and family. What a great way to spend your evenings, especially during winter in Salt Lake City. Now imagine it with a contemporary fireplace, instead of a traditional one.

Installing such a fireplace is not as complicated as it may seem. That is, as long as you have already decided on the type of fireplace that is suitable for your house. To do just that, here are three things you need to consider:

What Will Be the Source of Energy?

The classification of fireplaces depends on the fuel they need to generate heat — wood, gas or electricity. For obvious reasons, it is advisable to use the source of energy that is readily available and affordable to you.

What Does Your Budget Cover?

While considering the budget, factor in both the initial purchasing costs and running costs. A wood fireplace is expensive to install. But, it could be cheaper to run depending on the costs your firewood. On the other hand, pellet fireplaces are costly to install but cheap to maintain. That is due to the availability of pellets in the market today. Whereas, electric fireplaces are the most economical to get. Its running costs, however, will depend on your usage.

What Ventilation Will You Need?

Since most fireplaces are indoor features, it is critical to have proper ventilation in your space. Insufficient ventilation can cause dizziness and suffocation. In extreme cases, it can cause death. Both wood and pellet fireplaces should have a chimney to expel the smoke outside of the building. Also note that an electric fireplace does not emit smoke. As such, it is the safest regarding ventilation.

A fireplace is an excellent addition to a home regardless of the style of the house. It increases the appeal of your home and is a great way to increase the warmth of your home. However, consider these three issues above. It will help you choose the right contemporary fireplace for your home.

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